Additional Suggested School Supplies

We are offering an easy way to order your kids school supplies by grade.

You can order online and they will be delivered to your kids classroom for their first day of school.

 School Start is once again offering the parents of children attending Assumption School next year the opportunity to pre-purchase their school supplies.  School Start offers quality standardized school supplies.   Your child's teacher has created a list for your child's 2021 ARC class.   This process will save you both TIME & MONEY! Your child's School Supply Kit that you order online will be delivered right to Assumption School and waiting on your child's desk for the first day of school this fall!!   All we need you to do is go online & order TODAY!  Detailed instructions went home in your child's back pack giving you step by step instructions!  Deadline to have ordered is June 14th, 2021.   Give Christie a call if any trouble 403-664-3643.

Thank you